Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A Monthly Meeting

September 6, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order (7:07 pm)

Roll Call:

§  4 Commissioners Present (Fletcher, Prestwood, Simms, Wilson)

Approval of Agenda:

§  Motion: Cm. Wilson moved to accept the agenda with changes. 2nd: Cm. Simms. Passed.


Reading/Accepting of Minutes from July 2016:

Motion: Cm. Wilson, 2nd: Cm. Simms. (4-0-0) Passed.


Commission Vote:

§  Support Letter for BZA Application for 2200-2210 Hunter Place SE.
Motion: Cm. Wilson; 2nd: Cm. Simms (4-0-0) Passed.

Standing Reports:

§  Keisha Mims from Mayor Bowser’s office discussed the city’s 202 Create Program. It’s a month-long arts program. The website is The Mayor’s office held a successful women’s equality day in August that was well-attended. On Aug. 18th, the Mayor’s office held a community day in Commissioner Troy Donte’ Prestwood’s SMD (8A04). They partnered with non-profits and property managers in the vicinity of Galen and Green Street to put on the event. The DCPS chancellor search is now underway.  The next meeting in Ward 8 will be held at Savoy Elementary School. There was fire in the 1600 block of W Street SE. The landlord has voided everyone’s lease. Case has been referred to the DC Office of the Tenant Advocate.

Speaker Presentations:

§  Jamie Solomon, of Manna, Inc. discussed the upcoming Hunter Street townhome development project. The development will have a total of 12 three-bedroom townhomes: two units at 50 percent AMI; eight units will be sold at at 80% AMI and two units will be at market rate. Two units will also be handicap accessible.  The ANC voted to support the townhome development.

§  Scott Kratz, director of the 11th Street Bridge Park, provided an update on the bridge project. The next river festival will take place April 15 2017 and will be the closing program for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The bridge project has partnered with with Union Temple, Bethel Church and others to build raised planter beds for community members to grow fruits and vegetables. Training is now underway that will allow growers to gain college credits at UDC. The lantern walk project takes place Sept. 17 at 6:30 starting at the Yards Park. The equitable development plan to develop large scale art installations that tell the stories of communities along the Anacostia including the Native Americans, Frederick Douglass, among others. Waiting for final approval for the Fine Arts Commission. Scott also discussed how he wants the new park to help with workforce development, small business enterprise and housing.  Answering a question from the audience, the bridge park was transferred from the federal government to the District. Building Bridges will work with other non project to run the park. The project is similar to parks in Dallas in Atlanta, Philadelphia.

§  Stan Jackson, president and CEO of the Anacostia Community Development Corp, discussed their proposal for the Anacostia Gateway RFP. Their proposal will be a 200,000 square foot project that will include 70 units of housing concentrated along MLK and Shannon Place SE, and mostly retail housed on the first floor. The units will be 1 and 2 bedrooms with 50-80 percent AMI or workforce housing. There will be a total of 50 parking spaces. The project has one commercial commitment from Blues Alley.


§  Cpt. Cusick, Metropolitan Police Department, 7th District:

MPD officers are out in the community. They responded to the killing of the 17-year-old. They don’t believe he was the intended target. They also located an adult male, a pizza delivery person, who was also shot. They don’t think they were intended targets. A high visibility of officers will be on patrol during peek hours between 2pm and 2 am each day.


§  Eric Fraser, principal at Anacostia High School, discussed the death of the 17-year-old student at 16th and Good Hope Road who was last a student at the school. He talked about what the school is doing to support the community, including in–school counseling with area clergy, community organizations and grief counselors from schools from across the city. They are also working closely with MPD in the ongoing investigation. On a different note, a press conference will take place in the week ahead to highlight some of the programs offered at Anacostia High, including opportunities in law enforcement. His email address is

Community Concerns:

§  Major loitering in the park located at Minnesota and Good Hope Road. Resident has contacted DC Dept. of Parks and Rec about the issues. It appears some may be homeless. Police are not doing anything about it. Needs help.


§  Lots of littering on 16th Street and R, Q and Fairlawn Ave. Also there are a lot of people on the street and in the alley


§  Howard Rd and Pomeroy Road SE needs a community cleanup.


Commissioner Roundtable:

§  8A04: Troy Donte’ Prestwood – Discussed and thanked publically Far Southeast Strengthening Collaborative for their community day in 8A04 as well as Keisha Mims and Mayor Bowser’s Office for their community efforts on Green and Galen Streets.

§  8A05: Charles Wilson – The next HABA meeting is this Thursday.  Ward 8 Democrats has a meeting next Saturday with Mayor Bower as their special guest. 

§  8A06: Tina Fletcher – Discussed the DCPS Chancellor search. The next community meeting is at Savoy Elementary School on Sept. 14 at 6:30 pm. 

Adjournment at 8:59 pm.