Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 | 7:00PM

UPO Building | 1649 Good Hope Road SE | Washington, DC 20020

Attendance: 6 Commissioners | 55 Attendees


  1. Call to Order (7:02 PM)

  1. Roll Call
  1. 7 Commissioners Present

  1. Approval of Agenda
  1. Motion: Cm. Wilson moved to accept the agenda. 2nd: Cm. Muhammad. Passed (7-0-0)

  1. Reading of Minutes
  1. Motion: Cm. Wilson moved to accept the July meeting minutes. 2nd: Cm. Fletcher. Passed (6-0-1) Commissioner Prestwood abstained.

  1. Commission Votes
  1. 2100 V Street/MLK Street Project, Dante’s Partners
  2. Motion: Cm. Muhammad moved to write a letter of support for the V Street/MLK Dante’s Partners project. 2nd: Cm. Simms. Passed (5-0-1) Commissioner Prestwood abstained. Commissioner Wilson recused himself.  

  1. Order of Business
  1. Menkiti Group, Yohance Fuller
  1. 11th Street Bridge Street Project, Scott Kratz

  1. Announcements
  1. Markus Batchelor, Ward 8 MOCR, provided a 6-month update on the Mayor’s work and initiatives. On October 1, 2015 the new fiscal year begins and a number of the Mayor’s plans will take place.
  2. Ty’On Jones, Community Engagement representatives from Cm. May’s office thanked the group for attending the pop-ups and provided information for receiving information regarding updates.
  3. Omeed Tabiei announced the “What World Do You Want to Live In?” initiative that will take place where the Busboys and Poets is slated to start September  

  1. Treasurer’s Quarterly Report
  1. Starting balance: $12,646.24. Disbursals: $3,477.15. Remaining Balance: $9,169.09.
  2. MOTION: Cm. Wilson moved to approve the 2nd quarter fiscal report. 2nd: Cm. Muhammad. PASSED: (7-0-0)

  1. Community Concerns


  1. Commissioner Roundtable
  1. 8A01: Holly Muhammad: Thank you for your support in my absence while taken care of the loss of my father. Chairman Mendelson and I held a walk-thru of my community.  
  2. 8A02: Barbara Clark: Stepped outside of the room.
  3. 8A03: Cynthia Simms: Pepco/Excelon merger did not pass.
  4. 8A04: Troy Prestwood: Walkthrough of the community with the Mayor’s staff; please use the 311 app.
  5. 8A05: Charles Wilson: Lil Caesars opened; HABA meeting next week with Menkiti and Polly Donaldson will be attending. Attorney General’s office will be attending to speak about the Laundry Mat. Anacostia Heritage Trail ceremony meeting on October 3.
  6. 8A06: Tina Fletcher: TY you for attending the SMD meeting, supporting our school supply drive, please attend the Anacostia football game this Friday, resolution of the 8/8/15 homicide on Mt. View Place, 8A06 clean team will start this Saturday.  
  7. 8A07: Natalie Williams:  TY for those of you who attended tonight’s meeting. We hope to continue to see growth in 8A participation and encourage peaceful, productive dialogue during the meetings.

  1. Adjournment
  1. MOTION: Cm. Clark moved to adjourn meeting. 2nd: Cm. Simms. PASSED: (7-0-0)

8A01: Holly Muhammad, Vice-Chair | 8A02: Barbara Clark, Treasurer | 8A03: Cynthia Simms | 8A04: Troy Prestwood |

8A05: Charles Wilson | 8A06: Tina Fletcher, Secretary | 8A07: Natalie Williams, Chair