Monthly Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 | 7PM

Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Housing Resource Center

1800 Martin Luther King, Jr Ave. SE (Corner of MLK and Good Hope Road) Washington, DC 20020

Call to Order 7:04pm

Administrative Matters

§  Roll Call

o   Commissioners Present: Cm. Agyei, Cm. Baker, Cm. Clark, Cm. Prestwood, Cm. Jones Cm. Muhammad (late arrival) Cm. Thompson (late arrival)

§  Approval of Agenda

o   Agenda adapted with changes- all Commissioners in favor.

o   Agenda adapted (5-0-0)

§  Approval of September 2019 Minutes

o   Reading of September 3, 2019 Minutes (high-level).

o    Approval of September 3, 2019 Minutes - all Commissioners in favor.

Motion to move September 3, 2019 Minutes Cm. Prestwood 2nd Cm. Jones Motion passed unanimously  

Public Safety Update

§  MPD 6th District/7th District

o   Crime statistics for the last 30 days provided by 6th District’s Senior Officer Mark Marable. Community also provide STOP DATA which is produced every six months MPD 6th D Community Meetings are the 4th Wednesday at 6:30pm at the Dream Center 2826 Q Street SE (PSA 607). Email MPD with your concerns if you cannot attend meetings.


o   7th District’s Sergeants Washington addressed community concerns about crime and safety and provided update on Morris Road Shooting.   MPD 7th D Community Meetings are the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm at 7th District Community Room at 2455 Alabama Ave. SE covering (PSA 701,702, and 703) Email MPD with your concerns if you cannot attend meetings.

Scheduled Commission Votes:

1.       FY19 Q3 Financial Report (8A) Motion moved by Cm. Jones; 2nd Clark:  Motion passed 5-0-0

2.       Resolutions

a.       Reunion Square (RS) Resolution: Letter to DC Council Chairman to removed Reunion Square legislations from Legislative Agenda (i.e.,PR23-0385: RS TIF Emergency Resolution of 2019 and B23-0350: RS Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Emergency Act of 2019) (8A06) Motion moved by Jones; 2nd Baker: Motion passed 5-0-0.

b.      Resolution to declare 1300 Morris Road SE a Nuisance Property (8A06) (added per Cm. Jones) Motion moved by Cm. Jones; 2nd Agyei: Motion passed 5-0-0


3.       Columbia Quarters Alley Closure Request (8A06) Motion moved by Cm. Jones; 2nd Clark Motion passed 3-1-1   Cm. Agyei Opposed; Cm. Baker Abstained


4.       HAPS - Historic Case (Andrew Linn) (8A06)

Properties 2216, and 2242 Chester Street SE (8A06) Motion to move properties in-block by Cm. Jones. Additional Cm. Jones moves motion to not support both development projects as is requests developer continue working with Historic Anacostia Preservation Society (HAPS) to satisfy all of HAPS recommendations with request for the Commission to issue a letter of nonsupport; 2nd Clark Motion passed 5-0-0

5.       Zoning Case 20078 (BZA) Sig LLC: Developer requesting special exception under the theoretical lot subdivision requirements, special exemption from the front setback and height and story requirements to build 6 new flats (2 over 2 = 12 units) at 1256-1258: Talbert Street SE (8A06). (Removed from agenda for vote per Cm. Jones)


6.       BZA Case 20123: Darius Arod seeking Special Exception for 1440 T St SE application of pursuant to 11 DCMR Subtitle X, Chapter 9, for special exception under Subtitle D § 5201 from the side yard requirements of Subtitle D 206.2, and the rear yard requirements of Subtitle D § 306.2, to construct a rear deck addition and a rear porch addition in the R-3 Zone at premises 1440 T Street S.E. (Square 5605, Lot 835). (8A05) Motion moved to issue letter of support by Cm. Agyei; 2nd Clark Motion passed 5-0-0


7.       BZA Case 19572: SIMS Development LLC 1916 15th Street SE application as amended, pursuant to 11 DCMR Subtitle X, Chapter 9, for a special exception under Subtitle C § 703.2 from the parking requirements of Subtitle C § 701.5, to add two stories containing sixteen units to an existing two-story, nine-unit mixed use building in the MU-4 at premises 1916 15th Street S.E. (Square 5766, Lot 845). (8A05) Motion moved to reaffirm language in previously submitted letter of nonsupport for application in new letter of nonsupport by Cm. Agyei; 2nd Cm. Baker Motion passed 5-1-0 Cm. Jones Abstained 

Community Presentation

§  Prestige Healthcare Resources Inc.- 1418 Good Hope Road SE (8A05)

SPEAKER: Wilhelm Bonnette, Business Development Manager: Discussed services and goals of facility which will operate as a healthcare provider specializing in mental health services and psychiatry care. Mr. Bonnette also discussed employment opportunities for healthcare professionals residing in Ward 8.

Community Updates

§  Office of the Mayor Muriel Bowser: No updates however questions taken from the audience.

§  Office of Councilmember Trayon White: No updates

§  DDOT Community Updates:  Announcement upcoming project meetings; flyers left for audience.

§  Commissioners Announcements: Upcoming meetings, SMD project updates, and events announced.

Community Concerns: Illegal and illicit behavior occurring in park at (Good Hope Rd& Minn. Ave SE) and selling of food at laundromat of Good Hope Rd & 16th Street SE with proper permits.


Public Announcements: Mayor’s office announcement end of taxes on diapers for both children and adults.

Adjournment: 8:58pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at 7:00pm