Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A Monthly Meeting

October 4, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order (7:04 pm)

Roll Call:

§  6 Commissioners Present (Williams, Prestwood, Simms, Muhammad, Clark and Wilson)

Approval of Agenda:

§  Motion: Cm. Clark; 2nd: Cm. Muhammad. (6-0-0) Passed.


Reading/Accepting of Minutes from September 6, 2016:

§  Motion: Cm. Clark; 2nd: Cm. Muhammad (6-0-0) Passed.


Commission Votes:

§  Letter of Support for Historic Preservation of Derelict District Properties Act of 2016
Motion: Cm. Prestwood; 2nd: Cm. Muhammad. (5-0-1)Passed.

§  ANC 8A Budget – 3rd Quarter Report
Motion: Cm. Clark; 2nd: Cm. Muhammad. (6-0-1)Passed.

§  Letter of Support for Uniontown’s ABRA Application for Extension of Hours

Motion: Cm. Clark; 2nd: Cm. Muhammad. (4-0-2) Passed.

Letter of Support for Building Design of 2100 MLK Ave (MLK & V Sts.) Housing Project

Motion to Table: Cm. Muhammad; 2nd Cm. Prestwood. (4-1-1) Tabled.

Treasurer’s Report:

Commissioner Simms presented the 3rd Quarter ANC budget. The starting balance was $8,4872.72. There were $1,673 in expenses. The ending balance is $6,814.72.


Letter of Support for Uniontown’s ABRA Application for Extension of Hours:

Uniontown Bar and Grill is seeking an extension to their hours of operation Sunday through Thursday. Owners are asking for a letter of support. Currently they are open from 11am to 1pm Sunday though Thursday and want to close at 2 am. They also want to automatically get the extra hour without having to come back before the ANC for approval on holidays.  David White of Chicago and Shannon said the drummer is causing them to stay awake late at night. The ANC voted to support their application.


Raven Willoughby, Project Manager for the Ward 8 Parent Operator Selection Team (POST), discussed a proposed new elementary school in the ward that will be located on seven acres of land turned over by Joint Bolling Air Force Base. The location of the site will be at South Capitol St and Firth Sterling Ave., SE.  Fifty percent of the seats will be reserved for military families and 50% of the seats will be open enrollment with a focus on Ward 8.  She is trying to constitute a panel of 12 parents--six Ward 8 parents/families and six military parents/families--who will oversee the entire process including deciding if the school will be DCPS or DCPCS. The school is looking to launch in school year 2018-2019.

Lauren Oswalt McHale from L'Enfant Trust discussed pending legislation by Council Chairman Phil Mendelson that will save four, long-vacant, and blighted DHCD properties in Anacostia. The legislation will transfer ownership of the dilapidated homes from DHCD to L'Enfant Trust for renovation and sale with a focus on workforce candidates. A pubic hearing by the Council's Committee on Housing and Community Development is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. ANC 8A provided a letter of support for the legislation.


Donahue Peebles, III of the Peebles Corporation presented updated designs of the housing project at 2100 MLK Ave., SE. The development will now be for seniors only.  The façade is all brick with four levels and a new green space between the building and the row house. There will be a social room, exterior garden, business center, computer work center, etc. There is also the potential for a rooftop amenity for building occupants. The project goes before the Historic Preservation Review Board on Oct. 27 for design approval. If approved, the project will move to the Office of Zoning for review. Peebles would like a letter of support for design of the building. The Commission voted to table that request for now as concerns raised from the community included wanting a breakdown of the number of units (how man will be studios verses one  bedrooms) and what the AMI will be. Peebles said he will continue to reach out to the community on this project to get additional feedback to make the project right. In 2015, ANC 8A provided a letter of support for the overall project. 


Yohance Fuller, Vice President, Menkiti Group discussed his group’s latest proposal for the Anacostia Gateway RFP. The updated designs include one with a five story commercial building set behind the historic properties along Good Hope Road while the other just focuses on activating the historic properties already there. A number of establishments have signed letters of intent to occupy the new development, including the Aspen Institute, a fitness center, a neighborhood grocery store, coffee shop and a local restaurant. The adjacent homeless shelter has also signed a letter of intent to work with the developer to be part of the new development. There were some who expressed concerns about the design saying it looks like a “big block” or it needs more thought. There were questions about parking and traffic. Their proposal, along with the others, are due in to DMPED on October 17, 2016. DMPED will then follow up with the Commission and community on what are the most desirable parts of all the proposals.  


Deputy Mayor Courtney Snowden discussed Mayor Bowser’s 18-month progress report and informed the community about new programs that will provide access to capitol for small businesses, including a new microloan program for Wards 7 and 8. There will be a program for returning citizens called Inspire to Entrepreneurship. The deputy mayor would like to come back to the ANC for a meeting in the future . The office is hiring go to


Community Concerns:

§  Ed Fisher, has been named the new Executive Director for St. Elizabeths East Campus. He lives in Ward 7 and formally worked as Chief of Staff for Yvette Alexander (D-Ward7). A meet and greet is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 6 at the RISE Center at 6:30 pm.


§  This is Breast Cancer Awareness month. There will be a walk in Ward 8 on Sat. Oct. 15 starting at 9:30 am.  Free mammograms will be available.

§  Mediation and stabilization of the two historic houses on the Big K Site will start the week of Oct. 10th. Once the work is done, the homes will be moved. DCHD will meet with the community before the end of October.


§  Mayor Bowser will be at the ground breaking ceremony in Anacostia for the Far Southeast Collaborative/Busboys and Poets restaurant on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 10:30 am.


Adjournment at 9:00 pm.