Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 | 7:00PM

UPO Building | 1649 Good Hope Road SE | Washington, DC 20020

Attendance: 6 Commissioners | 60 Attendees


  1. Call to Order (7:07 PM)

  1. Roll Call
  1. 5 Commissioners Present (Muhammad, Simms, Prestwood, Wilson and Fletcher)
  2. 2 Commissioners Absent (Clark and Williams)

  1. Approval of Agenda
  1. Motion: Cm. Wilson moved to accept the agenda. 2nd: Cm. Simms. Passed (5-0-0)

  1. Reading of Minutes
  1. Motion: Cm. Prestwood moved to accept the September meeting minutes. 2nd: Cm. Fletcher. Commission Did Not Vote Commissioner Muhammad asked that the minutes be revisted at the end of the meeting.  

  1. Commission Votes
  1. N/A

  1. Order of Business
  1. Catherine Buell, DMPED
  1. Stan Voudrie, Four Points LLC

  1. Standing Community Reports
  1. Executive Office of the Mayor
  1. Office of Councilmember LaRuby May
  1. Metropolitan Police Department, 7th District

  1. Commissioner Roundtable
  1. 8A01: Holly Muhammad: 9:30AM-11:30AM, October 17 at Orr Elementary. Invite to the Million Man March on 10.10.15.
  2. 8A02: Barbara Clark (Absent)
  3. 8A03: Cynthia Simms: Stop the Killings, Spread the Love event on November 7 at 2PM at the RISE Center
  4. 8A04: Troy Prestwood: Business cards with important information on the back.
  5. 8A05: Charles Wilson : Proposal to redevelop Catholic School on V Street. HPRB informed them that they must go back and re-think it. The launch of the Anacostia Heritage Trail will be on Saturday, October 24 featuring.
  6. 8A06: Tina Fletcher: HPRB Hearing on October 29 regarding BIG K. Please attend and support Trunk or Treat and attend the Hillsdale meeting on October 19. See Phil Pannell for more information.
  7. 8A07: Natalie Williams: PEPCO/Exelon Merger was introduced by the Mayor today. November 7 10-12PM at Washington View Community Center. Big push for statehood by Councilman Orange.

  1. Community Concerns

  1. Announcements

8A01: Holly Muhammad, Vice-Chair | 8A02: Barbara Clark, Treasurer | 8A03: Cynthia Simms | 8A04: Troy Prestwood |

8A05: Charles Wilson | 8A06: Tina Fletcher, Secretary | 8A07: Natalie Williams, Chair