Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 | 7:00PM

UPO Building | 1649 Good Hope Road SE | Washington, DC 20020

Attendance: 5 Commissioners | 50 Attendees

Call to Order (7:05 PM)
Commissioner Troy Prestwood, Secretary chaired the meeting

Minutes were taken by Commissioner Cynthia Simms, Treasurer

Roll Call:

5 Commissioners Present (Prestwood, Simms, Clark, Muhammad, Wilson)
2 Commissioners Absent (Williams and Fletcher)

Approval of Agenda

Motion: Cm. Clark moved to accept the agenda. 2nd: Cm. Muhammad. Passed.

Reading of Minutes

Motion: Cm. Clark moved to accept the February 2, 2016 meeting minutes, with correction that Cm. Simms was present. 2nd: Cm. Muhammad. Passed.

Commission Vote

Office of Councilmember LaRuby May

Mike Austin from Councilmember May’s Office was present. He talked about the SEED Act, which is aimed at increasing access to healthcare in Ward 8. CM May is working to bring more doctors to Ward 8 to combat diabetes and geriatrics. She wants a mandate for a hospital in Ward 8. CMs Orange, Todd and McDuffie are in support. Austin discussed early childhood learning, social issues, and creating a fund for home school education. Ward 8 receives $70,000 from a city fund for home schooling children starting at age five and those who are at-risk. Emerging Schools (DCPS) will be opening campuses in Wards 8, 7, 5 and parts of 4. Created a workforce developing program to be up and running in the next eight months for returning citizens and giving tax credits to businesses that hire them. There is a $10, 000 business development grant to build and beautify places in Ward 8. CM May has co-sponsored with CM Bonds an affordable housing bill aimed at developing abandoned properties throughout the District into affordable houses. A member of the public mentioned that the Federation of Democratic Women is hosting an affordable housing event on Saturday, March 19th at 441 (1 Judiciary Square).

Metropolitan Police Department 6th District

MPO from 6D discussed crime states from PSA 607: There were three arrests for robbers and a mother and her boyfriend were arrested for child abuse of a two-year old. MPO was requested to monitor Kramer Middle during the mornings and after school; patrol alleys; patrol for dumping in various area by out of state individuals; cameras for crime –voucher option for free cameras you must be on public assistance; due to the change of the weather, loitering in the park will increase. A member of the

public mentioned trash along Howard Road is clogging storm drains. It was suggested that they contact DDOT.

Children’s National Health Center

Children’s National Health Center—Bill Quick, Gov. Affairs, CNHC—new facility opening up at the Big Chair; Mark Weisman—doctors/pediatricians will be here in Ward 8, primary care as well as seven health centers city-wide with three in Ward 8 on MLK, Good Hope Road, and Mississippi Ave. They will be closing Good Hope Road and MLK to merge into a larger facility at 2101 MLK SE and will be offering asthmatic youth, obesity, adolescent health, reducing teen pregnancy, and mental health. The new location will have evening hours and open on Saturdays. CNHC supports nursing coverage at most of the charter schools but at all of the DC Public Schools. They will be collecting data on trauma and burn patients. They will be looking at pedestrian safety in this area. Ward 8 has the highest number of children hit by cars. They are also looking at the installation of rapid flashing beacon lights near Ketchum Elementary on 15th and 16th Street, SE as well as Good Hope Road, SE. The move date is June 2016.

Future of the Skyland Development

Rappaport, WCSmith, Marshall Heights, Harrison Malone are involved in the development of Skyland. The same team has been together for 15 years working on this project. Walmart defaulted on the lease but will be held responsible, but that could take years. What is still being planned for Skyland is retail and sit-down restaurants. They have plenty of tenants interested but needed the anchor store. They have put CVS in the trailers with parking at Skyland. The Workforce building is still open. They are continuing to upgrade the pipes in the area. Work has not stopped but still searching for the anchor store. They have spent millions on this project and are still committed to finishing it.

Community Concerns

Mentioned that Howard Road SE is too fast and would like to find a way to slow the traffic down (Williams SMD). Volley Street, SE could use speed bumps (Fletcher SMD). Need parking enforcement at MLK, near Thurgood Marshall School. Performance Evaluations for Historic Landmarks (Wilson).

Adjournment (9:00 PM)

8A01: Holly Muhammad | 8A02: Barbara Clark | 8A03: Cynthia Simms, Treasurer | 8A04: Troy Prestwood, Secretary

8A05: Charles Wilson | 8A06: Tina Fletcher, Vice Chair | 8A07: Natalie Williams, Chair