Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 | 7:00PM

UPO Building | 1649 Good Hope Road SE | Washington, DC 20020

Attendance: 5 Commissioners | 30 Attendees


  1. Call to Order (7:08PM)

  1. Roll Call
  1. 5 Commissioners Present, 2 Absent

  1. Motion to accept Agenda
  1. Motion: Cm. Simms moved to accept the agenda. 2nd: Cm. Prestwood. Passed (5-0-0)

  1. Reading of Minutes
  1. The commission did not read the May meeting minutes but will present hard copies of all 2015 meeting minutes at the July 2015 meeting.

  1. Commission Votes
  1. No Commission Votes

  1. Order of Business
  1. Courtney Snowden, Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity 5

The Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity, Courtney R. Snowden served as the first guest speaker and shared with ANC 8A her new role and position within Mayor Bowser’s administration. She informed the group that she will oversee two (2) agencies, one (1) office and one (1) commission: Department of Employment Services (DOES), Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD), the Office of African-American Affairs and the Commission on Fathers, Men and Boys.

Snowden also discussed the positive impact the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) expansion to include 22-24 year olds has had on Ward 8 given that 29% of the students in the program are Ward 8 residents. She also announced the budgeted expansion of Kids Ride Free too include the METRO, funding of the Empowering Males of Color initiative, $100 million in support of the affordable housing trust fund and the TANF extension.

The DMGEO also spoke about her agencies goal of increasing the quality and success of the current workforce development programs led by the Department of Employment Services, the Department of Small and Local Business Development in helping residents East of the River.  

  1. Melinda R. Bolling, DCRA Interim Director

Melinda R. Bolling of DCRA introduced herself and shared the overview of her agencies and the roles and responsibilities within. She gave examples of various issues residents should report to her agency and also shared her contact information just in case residents were unable to get answers to their questions from other employees within the agency.

  1. Stan Voudrie, Four Points Principal

Stan Voudrie of Four Points addressed ANC 8A to present a project for the 2200 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE next to Martha’s Table. The project is proposed to offer four (4) residential condos and first floor retail.

  1. Community Concerns
  1. Influx of Maryland and Virginia drivers on MLK and GHR in the AM. The Commission is checking with DDOT’s Ward 8 representative to see if there is a program in place to study the traffic trends on MLK and GHR as a result of the 11th Street bridge opening.
  2. Residents requested having DDOT assign traffic officers in the gateway area to help control the traffic.
  3. The community of 8A is compiling a list of parking/traffic/DDOT related issues to submit to DDOT in effort to alleviate some of the current and foreseeable issues.
  4. Councilwoman LaRuby May addressed 8A introducing herself formally and updating the community on budget priorities directly related to or impacting 8A.
  5. State Board of Education Representative Tierra Jolly address 8A with updates regarding 40/40 schools, an initiative to award Hospitality HS students diplomas, Common Core GED requirements and Councilman Vincent Orange’s support of the initiative.


  1. Commissioner Roundtable
  1. 8A01: Holly Muhammad (Absent)
  2. 8A02: Barbara Clark  
  1. 8A03: Cynthia Simms
  1. 8A04: Troy Prestwood
  1. 8A05: Charles Wilson
  1. 8A06: Tina Fletcher
  1. 8A07: Natalie Williams (Absent)

  1. Announcements
  1. June 16 – Jack Kemp Forum on Returning Citizens at the R.I.S.E. Center starting at 6:30PM (Ron Moten).

  1. Adjournment
  1. MOTION: Cm. Simms moved to adjourn meeting. 2nd: Cm. Clark. PASSED: (5-0-0)

8A01: Holly Muhammad, Vice-Chair | 8A02: Barbara Clark, Treasurer | 8A03: Cynthia Simms | 8A04: Troy Prestwood |

8A05: Charles Wilson | 8A06: Tina Fletcher, Secretary | 8A07: Natalie Williams, Chair