Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A Monthly Meeting

July 5, 2016


Call to Order (7:03 pm)

Roll Call:

§  6 Commissioners Present (Fletcher, Prestwood, Simms, Clark, Muhammad, Wilson)

Approval of Agenda:

§  Motion: Cm. Prestwood moved to accept the agenda with changes. 2nd: Cm. Simms. Passed.


Reading/Accepting of Minutes:

§  May 2016

Motion: Cm. Simms, 2nd: Cm. Clark. (5-0-1) Passed.

§  June 2016

Motion: Cm. Muhammad, 2nd: Cm. Clark. (5-0-1) Passed.


Commission Votes:

§  Resolution Opposing Orr Elementary School Design
Motion: Cm. Muhammad; 2nd: Cm. Clark (5-0-1) Passed.

§  Support Letter for Good Hope Road/I-295 Art Installation
Motion: Cm. Prestwood; 2nd Cm. Wilson (6-0-1) Passed.

§  Resolution of Disapproval for 2828 MLK (Big K Site) Planned Uses of the Retail Space
Motion: Cm. Clark; 2nd Cm. Wilson (5-0-1) Passed.

§  2nd Quarter Treasurer’s Report
Motion: Cm. Clark; 2nd Cm.  Wilson (5-0-1) Passed.

Standing Reports:

§  2nd Quarter Treasurer’s Report. As of June 7, 2016: Beginning balance $11,965.171. Ending balance $8,502.72. Total checks: $3,462.45

§  Kiesha Mims from Mayor Bowser’s Office: Mayor Bowser is currently stressing DC Statehood. The security camera rebate program officially opens August 1 citywide. Right now, it’s targeted to certain PSAs, including all of those in Ward 8. Will be working with Cm. Muhammad to plan a core team walk-thru.

§  Tyon Jones from CM May’s office:
The SEEK (Summer Engineering Experience for Kids) program at Savoy Elementary has been expanded to include boys in grades 3-8 starting at age 8. Will continue community summer pop-ups throughout the ward.


§  Cpt. Cusick, Metropolitan Police Department, 7th District:

Every MPD officer was deployed on July 4th to have enough personnel to respond to criminal issues.  A number of officers went out to inspect firework stands though out ANC 8A including PSA 701 and 702, 703. Officers confiscated 1084 pieces of illegal fireworks and turned them over to the DC FEMS for destruction (attendees laugh). More than 200 officers worked July 4th where 400 calls for service was received. No major crimes or shootings were reported on this date. This is an improvement over last year where there was a five percent increase in crime citywide.

Invited Speakers:

§  Robert Morgan, Founder and Artistic Director, Essential Theatre discussed the relocation of the theatre company to the Anacostia Art Center.  The company is working on a number of upcoming theatre projects that will be open to the community, DCPS, charter schools, etc. with special rates for seniors and people who can only afford to pay what they can.


§  Jessica Wynter Martin, President, Community Grocery Cooperative discussed the east of the river food dessert and the need for development on the MLK Gateway. She asked for input on what the community wants to see.  Said she wanted to see retail on the store fronts with up to six stories of businesses or housing. Commercial on 2nd with housing on the top two levels. Wants more info from the community.

§  David Roodberg, CEO and President, Horning Brothers, lead a discussion on the Stanton Square Project located in ANC 8B. The overall project will have a mix of market housing, low-income and affordable housing in a townhome setting with a new street in the middle. A central part of the first phase of the project will be Martha’s Table will be moving it’s headquarters to Ward 8 and Community of Hope will be part of Phase 1; It will let the community guide the design of Phase 2.

Community Concern:

§  Big K Roundtable with Anita Bonds. It went from retail on the first floor to childcare development. Why the switch? Friday, July 8 at 2 pm Wilson Building in room 500.


Commissioner Roundtable:

8A03: Cynthia Simms -  Discussed DC FEMS’s cadet program reopening and starts in August 2016.

8A04: Troy Donte’ Prestwood -  Discussed working with Far Southeast Strengthening Collaborative to plan a community day in 8A04.

8A05: Charles Wilson – Discussed upcoming Ward 8 Democrats meeting on DC Statehood.

Adjournment at 8:59 pm.