Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 | 7:00PM

UPO Building | 1649 Good Hope Road SE | Washington, DC 20020

Attendance: 7 Commissioners | 33 Attendees

  1. Call to Order (7:05PM)

  1. Roll Call
  1. All commissioners present

  1. Reading of Minutes
  1. Cm. Fletcher read the minutes from the Tuesday, January 6, 2015 meeting.

  1. Order of Business
  1. FY15 Budget Approval

The budget reflects similar disbursements from last year. The one major change was the addition of communication so that commissioners can inform their residents of meeting and other important correspondence. The commission negotiated the settlement amount and concluded it to be $5,000. Motion: Cm. Prestwood moved to approve the budget for fiscal year 2015. 2nd: Cm. Clark. PASSED: 6-0-1 (Cm. Muhammad)

  1. DC Prep Anacostia

In our December meeting, we discussed the potential for another charter school to come to ANC 8A. We’ve heard feedback since that last meeting and we’ve decided not to support the project. We are not here to discuss or see another rendering. We’re here to vote on support or non-support. Motion: Cm. Clark moved that 8A opposed the proposed charter school. 2nd: Cm. Simms. PASSED: 6-0-1 (Cm. Wilson)

  1. Gragg-Cardona Partners/Reichbricdt LMD, Vance Gragg

I will come back to your next meeting with a visual of the renderings. In December of 2014, the District of Columbia selected my company and my partner’s company to lead the St. Elizabeth’s East Company. It’s approximately 380 acres divided by MLK. On the west side, the government is currently investing $8b. There will be 14K new employees working on the west campus. There are 3,500 employees currently working there. We don’t currently see their impact here in the ward but that will change shortly.

Approved $140 million to complete renovations of a historic site there. By 2018, the Secretary of HLS will move to the site. After that, 45 affiliated agencies will move to the west campus. On the east side, the Gateway Pavilion, Technology Center and Chapel are all indicators of the potential that side of the campus has. We’ve been selected to complete the next phase – 10 year project. The project will include 1,500 new houses, 250-300K square feet of shopping opportunity and 700 square feet of office space. Congress Height’s Metro Station makes St. Elizabeth’s look very attractive with the green line being very popular.

  1. Commissioner Roundtable
  1. 8A01: Holly Muhammad
  1. 8A02: Barbara Clark         
  1. 8A03: Cynthia Simms
  1. 8A04: Troy Prestwood
  1. 8A05: Charles Wilson
  1. 8A06: Tina Fletcher
  1. 8A07: Natalie Williams

  1. Community Concerns/Announcements
  1. Opportunities for Seniors to have their Medicare and prescriptions paid.
  2. Speaking against PEPCO/Exelon merger; Basic Terms of the Deal: Excelon offered PEPCO a premium of 1.2 -2.5 billion for executives and shareholders. Deadline to Voice Concerns: March 26, 215.
  3. Re-entry reflection month at Woodland Symposium, Temple of Praise on 2/14

  1. Adjournment
  1. MOTION: Cm. Wilson moved to adjourn meeting. 2nd: Cm. Clark. PASSED: (7-0-0)

8A01: Holly Muhammad, Vice-Chair | 8A02: Barbara Clark, Treasurer | 8A03: Cynthia Simms | 8A04: Troy Prestwood |

8A05: Charles Wilson | 8A06: Tina Fletcher, Secretary | 8A07: Natalie Williams, Chair