Public Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, April 2, 2019 | 7PM
Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Housing Resource Center
1800 Martin Luther King, Jr Ave. SE | Washington, DC 20020
Call to Order 7:04pm
Administrative Matters:
Roll Call
Commissioners Present: Cm. Agyei, Cm. Baker, Cm. Clark, Cm. Jones, Cm. Muhammad
(late arrival), Cm. Prestwood, Cm. Thompson (late arrival)
Approval of Agenda
Agenda adapted with updates- all Commissioners in favor. Motion Passed unanimously
*( BZA Application #19980 seven units changed to five units)
Approval of February 2019 Minutes
Commission held vote to adopt March 5, 2019 Minutes. Vote passed unanimously (5-0-
Standing Community Updates:
Senior Officer Mark Marable District’s provided crime statistics for the last 30 days.
D Community Meetings are the 2
Thursday of each month at 7pm at 6
District Substation at 2701 Pennsylvania Ave SE covering (PSA 607). Email MPD
with your concerns if you cannot attend meetings.
Lieutenant Jonathan Branch provided crime statistics for the last 30 days and
discussed the implementation of stay-away orders.
Patrol Chief of Patrol Services South (PSS) of 1
, 6
and 7
Districts discussed the
level of violence the community is experiencing; the steps MPD is taking (including a
return to community policing); the steps the community can take to mitigate the
violence; and the Mayor’s budget allotment for MPD.
D Community Meetings are the 4
Wednesday of every month at 7pm at 7
District Community Room at 2455 Alabama Ave. SE covering (PSA 701,702, and
703) Email MPD with your concerns if you cannot attend meetings.
RECRUITMENT INFO: 202-727-9099
Office of the Mayor Muriel Bowser:
Kornelius Anderson, MOCRS office, gave updates on potholepalooza, abandon autos,
311 requests, new East of the Service agency and also provided notice that Mayor
Bowser will be presenting the Districts Cultural Plan for the city on Thursday, April 4th,
2019 Mayor’s Arts & Cultural event at Anacostia Playhouse 6pm-7:30pm.
Commissioner Announcements: Skipped: time yielded back to Commission due to heaviness of
scheduled agenda.
Scheduled Commission Votes:
FY19 Q1 Financial Report (ANC 8A)
Commission held vote to approve FY19 Q1; vote passed unanimously (5-0-0).
*BZA Application #19980 – Application of HIP DC LLC, pursuant to 11 DCMR Subtitle X, Chapter
9, for a special exception under the New Residential Development provisions of Subtitle U §
421.1, to construct a rear addition to an existing, detached principal dwelling unit and convert to
a five unit apartment house in the RA-1 Zone at premises 2421 Shannon Place S.E. (Square 5788,
Lot 821) (SMD-8A06)
Motion to move BZA Application #19980 presented by Cm. Jones, 2
Cm. Baker:
Motion Passed 5-1-1 Cm. Muhammad opposed, Cm. Thompson abstained
Relocation of the “Journey Anacostia” Sculpture to Old Market House Square (SMD-8A05)
Motion to move Relocation of “Journey Anacostia” presented by Cm. Agyei, 2
Thompson: Motion Passed unanimously (7-0-0).
Resolution in Support of Restoring Circulator Service to Good Hope Road, SE (ANC 8A)
Motion to move Restoring Circulator Service to Good Hope Road, SE presented by Cm.
Baker with request by Cm. Muhammad to add segments of language from original
resolution, Cm., 2
Cm. Jones: Motion Passed unanimously (7-0-0).
MOU with Eagle Academy and Immediate Impacted Members of the Community (SMD-8A03)
Motion to move MOU and Immediate Impacted Members of the Community tabled
until broader outstanding community concerns get addressed and resolved between the
Community and Eagle Academy.-TABLED-
Resolution in Support of Reappointment of William Haith as Principal of Anacostia
Motion to move Resolution of reappointment presented by Cm. Prestwood, 2
Baker: Motion Passed unanimously (7-0-0).
Community Presentations:
Update from the Office of the Ward 8 Councilmember
SPEAKER: Trayon White, Ward 8 Councilmember
Councilmember Trayon White: Discussed impacted of District’s proposed 2020 on Ward
8 developments and opportunities including intro of bill to allocate 10 million to support
Ward 8 schools and education, 1.5 million for homeownership funding, 10 million for
pilot programs for Douglas Community Land Trust, 1.3 million for pilot mentorship
programs, public safety request for 10 million dollars for violence interruption
programs, senior wellness center and more.
For full listing see Councilmember White’s Facebook Page and Newsletter at
Updated on Opening of the Anacostia Busboys and Poets
2004 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE, Washington, DC
SPEAKER: Andy Shallal, Owner, Busboys and Poets:
Mr. Shallal discussed details of hard opening and hiring of 90 people from the
community. Also, he discussed details of training program and mentoring opportunities
and possible career path opportunities. Announced expansion of breakfast services.
Z.C. Case No. 19-03, Majid Muhammad Inc. Bounded by Martin Luther King Jr Ave, Chicago Ave
SE, Talbert St SE. Square 5790, Lot 32-35,39,40,818,819. Requesting Map Amendment From
MU-4 Zone to MU-5A Zone (SMD-8A06)
SPEAKER: Omar A. Karim
Mr. Karim discussed details of planned development and gave brief history of Majid
Muhammad Inc.’s impact in the community and took and answered questions from the
community and petitioned community to support request for Map Amendment.
Community Concerns:
5 homeowners on R Street and Ridge Place are concern about their property and consider
themselves immediate adjacent neighbors to the Eagle Academy construction.
Homeowner concern the current Circulator route is shaking and shifting her home causing
Constituent is concern with changing home in BZA #19980 from a single family home to a
five unit apartment house (architect Andrew Lin was in audience to speak to community
about project).
Historic Preservation Cases:
HPA 18-615 1226 Pleasant Street SE, concept/two-story accessory dwelling, roof deck (SMD-
HPA 18-217 1334 Valley Place SE, concept /two-story rear addition (SMD-8A06)
HPA 19-221 1524 W Street SE, concept /two-story rear addition with accessory apartment
Motion to move HPA Cases in block with conditions for vote by Cm. Prestwood
Motion Passed unanimously (5-0-0).
Adjournment: Meeting Adjourned 9:12pm Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at
7:00 pm